About Us

Who We Are

With more that 15 years of experience, providing latest IT solutions across industries, ESSBC consultants offer a comprehensive stack of enterprise solutions that is fully adapted to the local requirements. At ESSBC, securing our customers’ information is a priority. That’s why we focus significant research and resources to provide our stakeholders with best-in-class solutions for operational excellence without compromising on data security.


Since it’s creation, ESSBC has played a prominent role in shaping the information technology landscape of its customers. At ESSBC, we help business users make smart choices. This is achieved through our user friendly IT solutions that are designed to fit each client’s unique and specific business needs. ESSBC’s vision is to make businesses take decisions more effectively and improve people’s lives. This is our enduring cause while providing or developing enterprise solutions.

Our customers look to us to seamlessly connect business users and technology allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. We help them simplify the way they are proceeding to drive meaningful optimised decisions, to be more productive and hence more profitable.


OUR VALUES: Endorsing high standards

Within all projects we lead, the following core values are the foundation of our engagement:

– Commitment to our clients’ success:

At ESSBC, building a strong and long lasting relationships with our clients is vital. This commitment encourages us to go beyond our clients’ expectations. Focused on measurable outcomes, we provide products and services that effectively contribute to
our customers’ success stories. Multinational companies, local governments and emerging mid-size organisations have all benefited from marking ESSBC their preferred solution provider. From developing fully customized software to providing plug and play products, our experts support the full spectrum of software requirements to meet each business unique specificities.

– Proactive and Agile solution provider

At ESSBC, we understand that our clients’ business is dynamic, that is why we are committed to faster response time without compromising on the quality of our services. This commitment applies in both pre and post delivery of the projects. ESSBC team is renowned to deliver projects on time… if not sooner.

Endorsing high standards being the base of our corporate culture, we integrate excellence into every process we undertake. Our commitment to quality standards is reflected on the expertise of our consultants that are passionate about proactively recommending innovative solutions to enhance business productivity.

– Innovation that is relevant to your business

Being forward thinkers and innovators, ESSBC consultants will seek creative approaches to problem-solving. Challenges being part of our every day process improvement, we can tackle any business case in an innovative way that will fit each client’s specific

– Ethical and personal responsibility in the projects we undertake

ESSBC team will consistently treat customer satisfaction as a top priority. This is why, we make excellence and quality a part of our engagement and seek continuous improvement in all what we do. ESSBC demonstrates honesty, personal integrity and sound ethical behaviour in relationships with all our stakeholders.