Our Services

ESSBC Unique Value Proposition

With a team based in Dubai, an extensive experience across industries in the region, ESSBC can not only leverage its IT experience but also add value through a better understanding of the local market requirement and cultural specificities to each customer. This also ensures easier communication, agile support and better deliverability.

Arabic being the official language in the region, it becomes essential to have a platform that targets the local market in arabic. ESSBC’s multicultural team has the ability to develop solutions in different languages and provide multilingual support to its clients.

ESSBC Industries

With a recognised experience across a wide range of industries, ESSBC consultants uses the best-of-breed latest technology to offer customized solutions providing business users with the exact functionality they need, when and where they need it.

Whether you are a telecom operator, insurance provider, enterprise leader, or government executive, ESSBC is committed to offer innovative IT solutions with a customized customer experience, a collaborative work environment, all on an agile platform.

ESSBC Professional services

Building Customised Software that enables you to speed time to market and gain a competitive advantage.

ESSBC creates customised applications that address the unique business requirement of each customer. By identifying key differentiators and challenges in existing systems and exploring opportunities to streamline processes, ESSBC can set you apart from the competition by creating a unique software that you will own. This will not only improve productivity and reduce administrative costs but will help you achieve effective sustainable growth.